Lending An Artistic Eye To The Mundane

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Cable Railings

Get affordable cable railings for your staircase.

Custom Steel Railings

Personalize your home with an artistic steel railing.

Plasma Cutting

We use CNCs and freehand techniques to create truly unique art.

Furniture, Gates & Other Services

Get affordable cable railings for your staircase.

Steel Stair Cases

Add Style to Your Home With a Metal Staircase

Create something extraordinary
By working with Pigeon River Custom Metalworks, you can transform your home into something extraordinary. We bring an artistic alternative to the ordinary. Our welding services go beyond simple projects. We can create:
Custom steel railings
and cable railings
Custom metal signs
and sculptures
Custom gates, furniture
and shelves
Hiring a professional welding company will ensure you receive a top-quality product at a reasonable price. Make an appointment with us today by calling 828-619-0559.

Add unique artistic elements to create an inspiring home.

Use the services of our team in Canton, Asheville, NC

Steel Staircase / Steel Stairs | Floating Staircase / Floating Stairs

Whether you are looking for a metal staircase or steel stairs for your home, or commercial/business property. We will build and fabricate your custom metal staircase to your specifications, as we make them precisely to shop drawings. Would you love to have a floating staircase in your new modern home? Floating Stairs is what we love to do. Our Custom Metal work stair railing is done to perfection with metal, steel or stainless steel stringers. The stringer, or stringers are the support for the treads. In having a steel stringer, the metal staircase is very precise, durable, and strong. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more about the many options we offer, please contact us today.

Fences, Gates, & Deck Rails

These can be decorative or for security. They can be all metal or combine with wood. Gates, such as for driveway entrances or garden entrances, can have remote openers if you desire.

Custom Metalwork

Just ask us and we can probably do it.

​Jobs we have done have been in a variety of metals and often incorporate glass and wood. It can be stainless steel, structural steel, wrought iron, aluminum, chrome, or bronze. We even do custom welded furniture, arbors, pergolas, trellises, plasma cutting, CNC plasma cutting, metal furniture, and welded art

Door Guards / Security Doors

Match these with the window guards for a coordinated look to raise the value of the house or business property. They can be simple and utilitarian or fancy and make a statement.

Window Guards

These can be decorative or security or both. They can enhance the look of the building and tie in with the design of Security Doors and Railings.

Balconies, Decks & Fire Escapes

A balcony can add to the open feel of a house or business. Fire Escapes are obviously for safety but don’t have to be ugly. They can tie into the overall look and add rather than detract.

We have the training and extensive experience with many materials including all types of metals including cast iron, wrought iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze and can combine other materials in the design such as wood and glass. We are not only steel fabricators/metalworks for residential and home purposes but can do very fine and detailed work for business and commercial.

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